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News From JCSSA Club Leadership

JCSSA is a private sports shooting club, therefore, the facilities are not open to the public at any time other than the scheduled USPSA matches. If you wish to be placed on the waiting list for membership, please go to the "Membership" page and follow the instructions listed there. (Dan Steinman, June 2020)

Range Security:

It has been reported that some members are not "spinning" the numbers on the lock after entering or leaving the range. Please take the time to spin the numbers so that unauthorized people do not have access to the range. This is a security as well as a safety matter and all members should help keep our facility safe and secure. Please remember that if the lock should fail, there is a spare lock attached to the chain on the hinge side of the gate. Switch locks and let us know of the failure. Thanks for your cooperation and use the range often and safely. (Bill Fairchild, June 2020)

Unauthorized Objects in Trash:

We have been notified by the waste company that live rounds have been placed in the trash. Please do not put any live rounds or misfires in the trash; use the buckets provided on each bay to dispose of live rounds and misfires. Thank you for your cooperation and enjoy the range. (Dan Steinman, Feb 2019)

Message from the President:

I would like to thank the members for their support of the increased dues to keep the club strong. I would also like to express my appreciation for all the work by Roman, Tracy, Dan and Ves. Without these people, the club would not function. I am looking forward to using the range in 2022 and I hope you are too.

Bill Fairchild (Jan 2022)

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