Range Rules

Range Rules Rev 2017

  1. Safety is Number 1 at JCSSA.  Safety is everyone’s responsibility.
  2. Members are requested to wear their membership badges while at the Range.
  3. This is a COLD range.  Loaded firearms are permitted only in the proper shooting  Bays while following the proper shooting procedures.
  4. No alcoholic beverages of any kind are allowed on the range property.
  5. Shooting hours are from Sunup to Sundown.  No shooting after dark.
  6. Eye and ear protection must be worn by shooters and observers while on the range.
  7. Firearms are not to be pointed at any individual under any circumstances. Watch your muzzle.
  8. Firearms shall not be handled when people are downrange.  Handguns shall be unloaded and holstered or on the bench unloaded with the action opened and long guns will be placed in the rifle rack unloaded with the action open until all personnel are behind the firing line.
  9. Targets should be properly placed on the backstop so as not to destroy or damage the backstops.  Free standing Target Stands may be used if positioned so all rounds go into the berm and do not damage the backstops.  No targets will be placed on the ground between the firing line and the backstop.  Only proper targets are to be used. No cans, jugs, bottles, etc.
  10. 100 and 200 yard ranges are reserved for rifles only, with the exception of specialty long range pistols.
  11. No full automatic firearms are permitted.
  12. Firing of shotguns is permitted only in designated areas.
  13. Drawing and firing a handgun from the holster is permitted only if:
    • You are Classified in IDPA or USPSA or a recognized similar group .
    • You have demonstrated to the Range Director the safe handling and use of holstered firearms
    • You are a full time Law Enforcement Officer.
  14. At the discretion of the Match Director all or parts of the range will be closed for certain scheduled matches.
  15. No hunting on JCSSA property is permitted.
  16. We want everyone to be safe and have an enjoyable time.  Violation of these rules is a serious matter.  If you are observed violating these rules, destroying, or defacing property the question of your dismissal as a range member will be brought before the Board of Directors and legal action will be considered.
  17. If you observe anyone violating range rules, destroying, or defacing property do not get into a confrontation.  Get a license number and or a picture with your phone and report this to any member of the Board of Directors or the Range Director
  18. Speed  Limit – 10 mph or less between the gate and the shooting bays.
  19. Lock – lock the gate behind you each time you pass through. The gate code is on the back of your membership card and will change January 1.  Spin the cylinders and make sure it is locked.
  20. The address on the bottom of your membership card is the address of the range if you need emergency help.  Do not mail anything to that address.
  21. Meetings –2nd Wednesday of each month unless otherwise listed on the calendar.  Come to the meetings and participate if you can.
  22. The use of any device that increases the cyclical rate of fire, including but not limited to crank firing systems and binary trigger systems (those that fire on the pull and the release), of any type of firearm is prohibited. (added March 2017)