Change in Monthly Membership Meetings

Monthly membership meetings dates are changed as follows:

February – We will meet on Wednesday Feb 21st. the 3rd Wednesday.

June – We will meet on Wednesday June 20th, the third Wednesday.

October – We will meet on Wednesday Oct 17th, the third Wednesday.

These are the only dates that have changed and all other months will be as scheduled. Location has not changed.


Addition to The Range Rules

Attention all members:

After a lengthy discussion regarding the safety of our members, the Board of Directors has made the decision to prohibit the use of any device that increases the cyclical rate of fire of any type of firearm, including but not limited to crank firing systems, bump stocks and binary trigger systems (those that fire on the pull and the release). This decision will become part of the JCSSA range rules effective 3/8/2017.

Range Security

It has been reported that some members are not “spinning” the numbers on the lock after entering or leaving the range. Please take the time to spin the numbers so that unauthorized people do not have access to the range. This is a security as well as a safety matter and all members should help keep our facility safe and secure. Thanks for your cooperation and use the range often and safely.