By-Law Update

The Board of Directors has voted and approved an update to the JCSSA By Laws on 10/16/2019. This update will be voted on by the general membership at the December meeting.

The changes generally “clean up” some of the wording and consolidate certain provisions that are currently in different sections. Wording is added concerning the qualifications of the President and wording is added concerning outside agencies use of the range. An “addendum” is added consisting of the Standing Rules of the Association.

Private Gun Range

JCSSA is a private sports shooting club and the facilities are not open to the public at any time other than scheduled IDPA and USPSA matches. If you wish to be placed on the waiting list for membership, please go to the “MEMBERSHIP” tab above and follow the instructions.

Addition to The Range Rules

Attention all members:

After a lengthy discussion regarding the safety of our members, the Board of Directors has made the decision to prohibit the use of any device that increases the cyclical rate of fire of any type of firearm, including but not limited to crank firing systems, bump stocks and binary trigger systems (those that fire on the pull and the release). This decision will become part of the JCSSA range rules effective 3/8/2017.

Range Security

It has been reported that some members are not “spinning” the numbers on the lock after entering or leaving the range. Please take the time to spin the numbers so that unauthorized people do not have access to the range. This is a security as well as a safety matter and all members should help keep our facility safe and secure. Thanks for your cooperation and use the range often and safely.

President’s Message

I would like to extend a welcome to all members and hope you will come to the Monthly Membership Meetings and help us make JCSSA an enjoyable to place to practice our sport and get the whole family involved in the shooting sports.

JCSSA started out several decades ago by a very small group of men who just wanted a place to safely shoot. They bought the land with a small amount paid each month from each member. We have now grown to 400 members and have a lengthy waiting list for membership.

As reminder, there are some things we need to pay attention to:

  1. ALWAYS spin the numbers on the gate lock
  2. Protect the number and do not share it with anyone
  3. The full fledged member is the ONLY one who should know the number
  4. Sharing the number with non members is a serious matter and could possibly cost you a membership.
  5. With so many members we SHOULD wear our membership badges when on the range. We are hearing that non members are gaining access to the range and we need to curtail this.
  6. Safety is a primary concern at the range always practice safe gun handling and report unsafe conduct to any board member.
  7. Your elected officers are at all times interested in doing a better job. Our mission is to make JCSSA a safe enjoyable place to bring the family and enjoy the shooting sports. If we can help please contact us.

Thanks again for your membership, dedication and support to JCSSA.